Since many orphans have been dropped out from their schools as a result of certain conditions, we are working on creating positive and creative individuals in society by directing them towards the vocational centres in order to help them to acquire the skills and qualifications that suit their abilities and interests.


The students, who have dropped out or failed at schools, are directed towards Al-Rahma Vocational Centre (for female category)

and the Vocational Training centre (For male category) in order to acquire a profession with high skills and qualifications.

There are 2 levels of Vocational education:


1- B.P (For the students who have completed eighth and ninth grades)

2- B.T (For the students who have completed secondary classes)





Name: Fadia
Age: 17
Hobbies: Baby sitting
I am: Teacher


Name: Jana
Age: 15
Hobbies: Photography
I am: Teacher